I found this spiritual question somebody asked, "...why are we coming into being just to go back after a brief moment?

I just read this question on an Eckhart Tolle blog/site and thought some of these questions seem very common. This person listed themselves as simply "D". Here's what they asked:

"I just don't understand 'why', i.e. why are we coming into being just to go back after a brief moment? What is the purpose of form- couldn't the no-thing be sufficient to itself? and now that we are here in form, what/whose will brought us to life; why in this particular form [is there a purpose behind the design?]. Finally, is God [the assumed decision maker on life and form] an active or just a passive entity in its benevolent offer of peace, love and joy?"

Tough questions! I humbly submit this as a potential insight:

The ‘expansion’ and realization of our spiritual "beingness” into this dimension (this human/physical dimension) is the “universal intelligence/divine” (god) trying to realize itself in this dimension, but through pieces of itself (all of us).

In other words, you could think of mankind as detached pieces, or individual extensions of the divine intelligence (god). Each piece (or ‘being’) has the same divine power and potential to create as it does in its (our) original spiritual state. We all consist of unique and individual experiences that go into making up the overall universal divine wholeness. This is all part the divine expansion throughout the universe.

We ‘contract’ (as opposed to expand) when our physical bodies begin to die in this dimension, while our ‘being’/soul/spirit takes our experiences and moves on to add to the original wholeness or oneness in our divine state. Then we come back to continue the process of expanding and realizing the divine in this dimension of the universe. (Karma)

Something to ponder to be sure!

Dr. S.