Eat fat to lose weight? Maybe...

was the topic this morning on MPR.

I think they're discovering there is no one way for everyone to lose weight the same way. It is a very complex mechanism that is individual to each of our bodies. There are many factors that go into weight gain including hormonal balance, basal metabolic burn rates (BMR), the type of food you eat, genetics, physiology, and probably the least addressed...psychological-emotional factors or stresses!

Unfortunately, we were not born with instruction manuals for our individual bodies, so it takes time for all of us learn. Some trial and error is needed to understand our individual needs, but well worth the investment to ensure healthier longevity. 

 A few common sense suggestions that aren't new and have been imparted for eons is eat as little sugar as possible, get enough protein (can vary from person to person), eat more whole foods (if it comes packaged in a box...chances are it's not "whole" food enough), fresh is better, and of course exercise daily (somehow).