Health. Now available without a prescription!

I am Dr. Samantha Pederson. I graduated from college 15 years ago as a licensed health care professional, equipped and committed to help people become healthier naturally and conservatively using chiropractic care.

I chose chiropractic as a profession because it aligns with my natural and conservative views about health. And also because growing up, most of my relatives benefited from seeing a chiropractor. I grew up on a family dairy farm back when they actually existed. Many farmers held the local chiropractors in high regard because chiropractors could ‘fix’ their physical complaints fast without using drugs or medications that had side effects making running farm equipment difficult and dangerous.

I grew up with fresh and local foods, from produce, to meat, and dairy products. I believe unprocessed foods contributed to my good health today. Now it’s a different world. Most people have no idea how their food is made, or where it comes from. Poor food quality definitely has long-term negative health effects. That’s why nutritional counseling is a big component of the services I provide. Additionally, with the rising costs of prescriptions and surgeries, I endeavor to teach people healthy lifestyle habits so they can avoid these types of interventions.  A healthy lifestyle is the single most important investment you can make!

This Practice...

At your firstvisit you will be given an explanation of the science behind chiropractic care. All of your questions will be answered. Following that, you will receive a full evaluation/exam to determine if chiropractic care is right for you. If indicated, a care plan will be developed that is specific to your condition and health goals. And it will be modified as needed to assure your goals are being met. 

Patients of every age are treated at my clinic for many health complaints. Some include back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, repetitive stress disorders, digestive system symptoms, chronic pain, injuries relating to auto accidents, and work-related injuries. 

Lifestyle and nutritional concerns are also evaluated. A discussion about health may also include an emotional assessment and/or at your request, a discussion about the interface of spirituality and health. I have found over the years many patients have an underlying thought process that has a negative effect on their overall well-being.

This office specializes in treating a variety of health concerns with both manipulative and/or non manipulative adjustments. This office also provides lifestyle education, physio-therapy methods, exercise therapy, and professional ergonomic advice. Referrals are made to other health care professionals when it is deemed appropriate for you to achieve the best healthcare.

Please feel free to email me (best), text 612-547-8186, or call 651-329-7679  to receive personalized answers to your questions, or to schedule a consultation. You may also schedule your appointment on this website. (see top bar) Thank you!

Health. Now available without a prescription!


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